Friends and Colleagues, Hello and Welcome!

    This is the official website of L2S (Learn To Share) project. Here you can download free to use samples of acoustic drums and cymbals, recorded with sticks and brushes. This site also contains the official information about the project.

    1. Technical Data:
    Acoustic Environment – Dead Room
    Pre-amps – Tascam
    Microphones – AKG, Shure, Studio Projects, MXL, Neumann;
    Drums and Cymbals – Yamaha, Sonor, Istambul, Paste, Zildjian;
    Software – Cubase SX3
    File Format – wav (24bit, 48khz, stereo)
    License – Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License

    2. Ideas, goals and resources:

    The main goal of Learn To Share (L2S) project is to establish an accessible and free source of acoustic drums samples. This project is the first step in a series of initiatives geared toward creation of a free sample library available to all musicians and composers, beginners and professionals alike. The library will take form of a web based catalog and will aim both to popularize free exchange between producers and content creators, and to deliver legal and easily accessible acoustic drum samples. Copyright for the samples and the created material will be provided under Creative Commons license The overall licensing policy of the project is oriented toward free use and distribution of samples among all interested parties. This in turn encourages an ongoing cycle of sharing and creation, free exchange of ideas, and reinterpretation of existing ones. The project is strongly geared towards beginning musicians who do not posses the means to acquire otherwise expensive sample libraries. Unquestionably L2S will promote a culture of legal use of means to create music by cultural exchange amongst users.
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License.

    … And Learn To Share With:

    3. This project is the work of:

    Rossen Antonovski – VOXX (Chairman), Front Point (Board Manager)
    Project Manager
    Concept, Finances, Recording, Editing, Web.

    Dragoslava Pefeva – Front Point (Chairman)
    Creative Commons Official Representative for Bulgaria
    Consultant, concept

    Kalin Hristov – Balkandji (Drummer)

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